Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Project 10 Pan - COMPLETED!

I've been reading about Project 10 pan for months now and I keep telling myself to do it. So rewind to a month ago, I decided to start. And now I'm done!

(I included body lotions/scrubs/soaps because I had a lot of these products with only a teeny bit left to use up)

*Only item not pictured is the Olay body wash b/c my mom threw it out.

I used up the following items & I give my quick opinion on all of them:

my Clinique facial moisturizing gel
I've used this for years now, but it never helped with clearing my complexion, will not repurchase (I now use Kiehl's, post to come!)

MAC makeup removing wipes
These are decent and have a nice smell to them. I have repurchased.

Olay body scrub
Okay with moisturizing, really nice smell to it. Will eventually repurchase.

MAC Fix Plus
Love it. I have repurchased.

L'Oreal Carbon Black mascara
LOVE LOVE LOVE! Much better than high end mascaras that I have boughten in the past. Make sure you buy it in CARBON BLACK though! I also bent the wand to add a curve to it to help in application.

Biorie Face Wash Scrub
ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Helped clear my skin BETTER than ANY high end face wash I have used in the past...and believe me I've used EVERYTHING. Have repurchased.

Studio Gear face primer
Makes your face SUPER soft and smooth for foundation application. Reminds me alot of Bare Escentuals primer. Since Bare Escentuals primer is less expensive I will not repurchase, but good quality primer, just a little on the expensive side.

Scruples Hair Spray
I've used this hairspray for years. Very strong hold, so if you don't like stiffer hair prob not for you. Have repurchased.

L'Oreal Elnett Hair spray
First time using this after hearing alot of rave about it. Not bad whatsoever, VERY nice hold and doesn't make your hair stiff to the touch. The only downfall for me is the smell. Can not stand it. However, will possibly repurchase in the future.

Dove Spray Gel
Too sticky for me, weighs down hair. The only good thing about it is the fresh smell. Will not repurchase.

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