Friday, December 10, 2010

OOTD: Build a look

Just wanted to show you some a small way to dress up a short sleeve top so you can keep warm this season. It's my classic go to look.

Start with your basic top

Cream ruffle top: AB Studio @ Kohls
Indigo jeggings: Lauren Conrad @ Kohls
Nude wedges: Aerosoles

Add a scarf if you'll just be indoors

Scarf: J. Crew

or...Top if off with a leather jacket

Dark brown leather jacket: Target


Sorry I was so MIA on the posts. I got caught up with Thanksgiving and then was out of commission due to a bad sinus infection.

Here are some OOTW's to make up for it.

 Sweater: Willi Smith @ TJ Maxx
Indigo Jeggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Brown boots: Walmart

 Cream Top: Ann Taylor
Dark Jeans: 17/21 Denim @ TJ Maxx
Brown wedges:Aerosoles
Gold pendant chain: Charlotte Russe
 Cream shirt: New York & Co.
Navy sweater: Zara
Jeans: House of Deron @ TJ Maxx
Brown boots: Walmart
Brown belt: H&M

 Cream Top: Love21
Dark Jeans: Lauren Conrad @ Kohls
Sweater wrap: don't remember
Black wedges: Aerosoles

 Black sweater: Guess
Jeans: House of Deron @ TJ Maxx
Scarf: Ann Taylor
Brown boots :Walmart

 Cream/Brown striped top: Ralph Lauren
Pale pink infinity scarf: J. Crew
Dark Jeans: 17/21 Denim @ TJ Maxx
Brown boots: Walmart

Monday, November 22, 2010


I had a busy weekend between celebrating family & friend birthdays to taking my parents to see an New York show @ Madison Square Garden and polishing off the weekend with some outlet shopping. Busy weekends = lots of outfits so ENJOY!

Basic black top: Mossimo for Target
Chunky necklace: Charlotte Russe $12
Jeggings: Charlotte Russe $40
Wedges: Aerosoles $30 on sale

Lace top: Kohls $20
Black jeggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohls $28
Black heels: Franco Sarto @ TJ Maxx $40

Basic white vneck top: New York & Co.
Chunky scarf: H&M $15
Brown/grey blazer: J. Crew Outlet $84 (originally $168)
Jeggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohls $32
Wedges: Aerosoles $30 on sale

Black lace tank: Old Navy
Cream cardigan: Ralph Lauren Outlet $35
Black leggings: Zara $40
Scarf: Ann Taylor Outlet $20 (originally $50)
Wedges: Aerosoles

Lilac vneck sweater: J. Crew Outlet $30 (originally $60)
Chunky necklace: Target $16
Black leggings: New York & Co. $10
Boots: Walmart

Friday, November 19, 2010

DUPE IT: NARS Nail polish & Urban Decay Naked palette


First up, NARS 'Purple Rain' polish. A shimmery deep purple with a hint of blue.


Essie polish in 'Sexy Divide,' has the same shimmery deep purple as the NARS lookalike. For only $8 as compared to $16 for the NARS polish. You can't beat that.  
Essie 'Sexy Divide'


Next up, another GREAT find. I've always raved about NYX cosmetics. You would never think with prices under $10 you'd get such gorgeous pigmented creamy colors ranging in everything from eyeshadows to their lipsticks. Their eyeshadow palette in Champagne & Caviar has plenty of similar neutral colors as the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Now, if you're like me, you've already got your MAC eyeshadows/MakeUpForEver eyeshadows/etc. plus your Urban Decay primer potion. So unless you're starting from scratch, there's probably no need to spend $44 on MORE eyeshadows. UNLESS you receive as an XMAS or bday gift of course! ;) So how do you get a nice taste of these Urban Decay gorgeous neutral eyeshadows? NYX palette in Champagne & Caviar!...that's how!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

OOTW: Boots & Stripes

Blk & cream striped top: Ralph Lauren
Black necklace (dupe of the House of Harlow necklace): Target $16
Dark jeggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Tan wedges: Aerosoles

Green ruffle top: Body Central
Black cardigan: Elle for Kohls $30
Grey leggings: Zara
Brown boots: Walmart

Pale pink sweater: Sears $20
Black lace tank underneath: Old Navy
Black leggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Brown boots: Walmart

Pale yellow lace top: (took almost a MONTH to come in)
Dark grey blazer: Target $20
Dark jeggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Tan wedges: Aerosoles
White watch (dupe for the Chanel watch): Target 

Blk & grey striped top: Pink Rose @ TJ Maxx 
(Pink Rose has the SOFTEST tops out there, LOVE THEM)
Black necklace (dupe of the House of Harlow necklace): Target $16
Black jeggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohls $10
Brown boots: Walmart

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wishlist: Alloy & Piperlime

Who knew had such cute shoes? Here are some fabulous pieces from Alloy & Piperlime that I have fallen in love with...

 A gorgeous dupe for a Vince Camuto studded heel from last yr
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots! 
However, they don't have my size! 
I'm devastated! AHHHHHHH

LOVE this taupe color

I love this style heel, however, I'm looking for more of a blush color


Gorgeous color, but way too pricey for me

LOVE this bag! 
Even though it's wayyy more than I have ever spent on a bag it has EVERYTHING I've been looking for in a winter bag. I MAY just have to save up & splurge!
Quilted, neutral color, gold chain straps w studding all around...I'm in love.

$63 on sale
I LOVE the tan color, but it looks like they only have black left. :(

Monday, November 8, 2010

GOT IT: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

I can't tell you how many times I've heard good things about Lauren Conrad's LC clothing line at Kohls.

EVERYTIME I go to Kohl's, the first thing I do is head straight to her section. This time I was looking for quality bottoms that are versatile to wear with boots and/or heels for work or for going out.

Unfortunately, the Kohl's by me isn't that big so when it comes to LC's line, a variety of sizes in every option is usually hard to find. Hence why I've never gotten to buy anything from her line. However, this time her section was huge and had a big sale going on. Almost every piece of hers that is on the Kohl's website was in store!

Once I got to look through everything I headed to the dressing room with an insane amount of her clothing. The GREAT thing about her bottom pieces is the fit is nice and slim from the thigh all the way down to the ankle. It's a nice slim clean looking fit without feeling like you're suffocating in your average skinny jeans. The material is stretchy and comfortable.  


After trying everything on and accessing prices, here is what I headed out with and may I add that I LOVE AND ADORE EVERY SINGLE PIECE! The next time I do an OOTW post you'll get to see every single piece I bought on me IRL (in real life).

(Please note: prices on the website are MORE EXPENSIVE than in the store!)

on sale for $33 

on sale for $10 

on sale for $28

Happy Halloween: "The higher the hair, the closer to God"

That's the motto of every guido and guidette...along with finding some big gorilla juiceheads, downing some jagerbombs, and rocking your best animal print outfit all while drowning in oversize jewelry. What girl doesn't love that!?

Can you guess who I was for Halloween!?

Each item was put together from my own closet (minus the leopard print top..cmon I'm not that tacky) along with some of my Mom's chunky gold vintage jewelry that was catching dust from back in the 80's.

My original Snooki outfit:
Big glittery silver hoop earrings: from a small shop in Portugal
Chunky gold necklaces: vintage via my Mom's closet
Leopard print top: Macys $10 on clearance
Black liquid leggings: Target $12
Snake skin print heels: Anne Klein $40
Fake press on pink nails: Kmart $3
Fake huge eyelashes: Walmart $6
Bangles: H&M, NY & Co., & Forever21

Happy Halloween!

Monday, November 1, 2010

OOTW: From hot to cold

Once that breezy Fall weather sets in of course mother nature just has to tease us with some nice 65-75 degree weather days and then all of a sudden the next day it's back to piling on the blazers and boots. STOP TEASING ME WEATHER! Thx.

Here are some OOTD's from a few nice days...

Tan sweater dress: TakeOut @ TJ Maxx $25
Taupe sandals: zoe&zac @ Payless Shoes $25
Black knit sweater: Elle @ Kohls $30
Silk cream top: Charlotte Russe $20
Jeggings: Charlotte Russe $30
Black wedges: Aerosole
Pearl necklace: Aeropostale
Blue top: Body Central
Dark grey blazer: Target $20
Jeans: House of Dereon @ TJ Maxx $40

OOTW: H&M and Love21

Over the last month, I purchased some items from H&M and Love21 (same as Forever21 just slightly bigger sizing).

Tops from Forever21 don't fit me (due to my size D chest) so that's why I love Love21. Since the Forever21 by me doesn't carry Love21, I get these goodies off of the Forever21 website.

As for H&M, I've never had one close by me. However, there is one not too far from where I work. So to get my H&M fix I have to do so as quick as I can on a lunch break.

When I was shopping, I was aiming to purchase embellished and silky tops.


Lavender ruffle shoulder top: H&M $12
Silky ivory beaded top: Love21 $30

Pale pink bow sweater: H&M $30
Black moto jeans: Charlotte Russe
Taupe sandals: Payless Shoes
Pale lilac silky top: H&M $25
Dark grey lightweight blazer: Target $20
Thin cognac belt: H&M $12

OOTD: Olive green skinny cargos

Ever since I first saw J Brand's version of the skinny olive green cargo pant on almost every single young celebrity I knew I HAD to have them. See my post about my crazy search for a dupe here.

Skinny or boyfriend style, I'll take them either way thank you very much.

Black silk blouse: Fred David @ TJ Maxx
Green skinny cargos: Charlotte Russe
White watch: Target
Black blouse: Old Navy
Green skinny cargos: Charlotte Russe
Gold watch: Target

Black studded top: Forever21
Green boyfriend pants: Zara
Black wedges: Payless Shoes

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Product I LOVE: Lauren Conrad 'Style'

Don't judge me, but I've always been an avid fan of Laguna Beach & then The Hills! I've always had a love for beautiful coastal environments such as Cali thanks to my appreciation for my family roots back in Portugal. 

And of course you can't beat the fashion of the West Coast! GASP! I know most people feel the East Coast & New York is where it's at when it comes to fashion, but I would gladly shed my boots, long sleeves & coats in a heartbeat to base my wardobe around that Cali lifestyle. Loose but chic looking clothing.

And that's exactly the insight Lauren gives in this book. It's a straight up guide to everything from her gorgeous makeup & hair to the basic essential pieces every girl should have in her wardrobe. She shows you her basic pieces, how to wear/switch specific outfits up for different events & the importance of keeping your clothes fitted as well as taken care of. And there's still so much more to this book that you wouldn't believe. I wish this book had come out when I was in middle school..I could've surely avoided some horrid outfits.

In regular bookstores, this goes for $20. I picked up my copy from Target and it only cost me $13.
Happy reading everyone! xox

Wishlist: Target

When it comes to budget buying for basic trendy pieces, surprisingly, stores like Target are the way to go. Now I have to say when it comes to which is the better quality in clothing I prefer Target over Walmart (as for shoes, Walmart's quality is not bad). 

It seems like every 3 weeks Target updates it's floors with the newest next best thing of the season. In my opinion, when I'm buying a piece that has just evolved as the new trend, I have no shame in  testing it out on a lower budget as long as some quality is there.  I'd rather not invest a bigger amount of my $ on a trendy piece from let's say Zara, Ann Taylor LOFT or J. Crew unless I decide it's a trend that I might just stick to for awhile.

First up, the 'Xhilaration Moto jacket in Dark Chocolate Brown.' ($35)
Now here is a trend I've always been wary to try b/c I don't want to end up looking like a biker. In order to do so, I prefer a darker brown to the traditional black. I also wanted a more fitted look to it, as well as the extra fabric on the collar.

Next up, the 'Merona Wool Pea Coat in Gazelle Brown.' ($50)
I wanted to get in on the whole 'camel' colored basic pieces for Fall. I wanted to stick with the pea coat version of this since I'm a fan. Now, the pea coat I've been sporting every fall/winter for the past 3 yrs was a higher end brand & the color black. It was a Christmas gift and it cost about $100. 

Now, I always justify spending a good amount of $ on wear and tear pieces like a jacket since it's something I have to use pretty much everyday from Nov - March, but b/c I'm not sure how crazy I'll be about the camel color, I'd rather not spend alot of $ to test it out. I also wanted a fitted look that stopped right at the waist.

These are another wary buy due to not wanted to rock the whole biker look. As long as I keep it seperate from my Moto jacket I don't think I'll have too much of a problem. I don't have any black boots that don't have a heel on them which is why I have been on the hunt for boots such as these.

Let me know what are some of your fall must-haves that you're ready to try out! xox