Saturday, January 30, 2010

OOTD: Pretty Ruffled


Not only was Friday going to be a super busy day @ work, but I was meeting up with my best friend from high school for a quick birthday lunch just for her.

Once again, I wanted to wear my killer Aerosole wedges, but it was 15 degrees and sadly I'd have to put them on hold once again...sigh. I felt like wearing something ruffly AND pretty. :)

Cream ruffle tank: Know Style $16 (it's one of those super fashion trendy stores in the mall)
Dark brown cardigan: Zara $15 (bought it on sale about a week ago)
Dark skinny jeans: Zara $40 (from last season)
Boots: See my 1st post

OOTD: Snow snow go away

This is the outfit I opted to wear due to the surprise snow on the ground.

Back in November, I posted about looking for a dupe of this gorgeous $185 Ya Ya Gstaad Poncho Like Sweater in Sunset that Kim Kardashian was wearing to a Lakers game. It's the closest I've found..and the least expensive.

Sweater: TJ Maxx $25
Long white tee underneath: Wet Seal $4
Jeans: TJ Maxx $20
Boots: See my 1st post

Got It: They're hereeeee....

My Aerosole's came in! I ordered them on Monday and they came in WEDNESDAY! I choose the standard shipping option aka the cheapest and usually 5-7 business day choice.

But lo and behold it only took a day or 2 before they arrived. So I was planning on wearing these bad boys the next day for work..go figure I woke up the next morning to an inch of snow on the ground and it didn't look like it was stopping anytime soon.

Needless to say, it was really cold out and the option of wearing peep-toe wedges was no longer an option. :(

So here are a few shots of the black snakeskin wedges...the tan buckle peep toe wedges had to be exhanged b/c the size was too no quick snapshots of those yet..coming soon though.

OOTD: Something old, Something new...

We all have this problem here and there where we are shopping and see a clothing item and say to ourselves, omg..i need that jacket or o0ohh that top is soo pretty!

Well...let's just say that's my biggest problem when it came to shopping.

I like to buy pieces that I like, but never really have an idea of how I could go about wearing it/putting outfits together. SO I decided I really needed to consider whether or not that piece is essential to my wardrobe.

Don't get me wrong..I started having a litttleee big more self-control and don't buy something just b/c it's pretty anymore...
BUT sometimes I just MIGHT see the item on the rack - GRAB it in my size - HAUL it around the store - get on line for the register - and FINALLY bring myself back to reality and realize I NEED to put the item down
ha :)
Anywhooo, this brings me to the title of my post. I was kind of surprised when I realized how long I've had some of these items in this OOTD post. I think I wore this jacket ONCE in the last prob 5 yrs that I've had it.

It's amazing how many pieces you keep in your closet and don't wear for years and then all of a's back in your outfit wearing life!

Thin, sheer white tank: Aeropostale (had it for 4 yrs)
Grey crew neck t-shirt: Wet Seal $3.50 (bought it on Black Friday!)
Khaki jacket: Aeropostale (also have had this for yrs)
Black leggings: Zara $30
Black wedge boots: Rocket Dog (had them for 4 yrs)
Layered silver necklace: Forever 21 $13 (came with a tunic shirt)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OOTD: It's only Tuesdayyy

AHH's only Tuesday!? Long day @ work...but LOST starts a week from todayyyy...yay!

INC Black sweater (untied): Macys (have no clue how much b/c I've had it for probably 2 years)
Top: Kohls $20
Grey pants: Wet Seal $15 (clearance)
Colin Stuart black boots: Victoria Secret catalog from last year $75

The cool thing about these boots is you can unfold the cuff and it creates a longer looking boot. Check out these boots folded from another OOTD pic here...see what I mean? In the pic above I unfolded the cuff so the boot hits just below my knee.

Gotta get my moneys worthhh!


Top: Kohl's $20
Leggings: New York & Company $10
Boots: Walmart (see my very 1st post)

Chunky Statement Neckalces finally FOUND!

So you might be asking yourself..why would it be that hard to find chunky statement necklaces? There all over the place stores..etc. This is true..BUT..while J. Crew, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor..etc..all have gorgeous, to die for oversized necklaces, they are unfortunately not at a price point that I am willing to shovel out some cash or no sale..they're still super expensive, ranging between $60-$130 a pop.

So began my quest for affordable but still super gorgeous chunkified necklaces. I started with the typical sites for knock-offs and low price points...Forever21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe...but no luck.

Let me inform you my search has been going on for probably 2 weeks now...but low and behold...New York & Company! I have no clue how I passed by this one (I had JUST placed an online order last week!). Not only are their necklaces priced between $15-$25 each, but they were having a SALE on their One just the 2nd 50% OFF! Perfect timing if I say so myself.

So with colorful options in mind, I choose the following:


$8.48 (originally $16 something)

Now on top of that..I searched for any online coupons..once again it was my lucky day..or should I say night..the 30% coupon was to expire that day at midnight. (It was almost 11pm)

Once you added the 30% off, plus shipping/tax, my total came to...$30!

You can't beat that...another mission accomplished. Up next...a floral top/tunic.

Monday, January 25, 2010

If the shoe fits....BUY IT!

...and why yes..that is exactly what I did. I also found a coupon for Aerosole @ Coupon Cabin for 20% off. It doesn't expire until February.

I've owned Aerosole's in the past. I can guarantee you Aerosoles are always the most comfortable fashionable shoes you will find..minus that grandma look...

My problem is I'm not a big 'flats' person whatsoever. I feel like they make me look frumpy and rhyming intended. :) So when I need to find shoes for the office that are comfy and still flattering..I turn to Aerosole.

I was specifically looking for wedges that wouldn't be higher than 3 inches and wanted a black pair and either a nude/tan/light pink.



Once I applied my 20% off, it came out to be $95 including the shipping. I guarantee it'll be worth it and they'll last me quite a while.

I can't waittt!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Product i LOVE: DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Foundation

Isn't that a mouthful haha..but it actually lives up to every single word. The shades are a very natural color and it does leave a hydrating glow.

Most foundations I've used in the past are very dry/cakey. For Laura Mercier Oil-Free liquid foundation, which was also full-coverage, but wayyy too dry on application. And when I say dry I mean when you are applying the product to your face and it doesn't spread on/glide on easily.

Anyways..this is my 2nd bottle of this magical stuff. :p My first bottle was in the shade Medium Beige. The shade I am using now is Rosy Beige.

Price: $45 is the most I've ever paid for a foundation, but I GUARANTEE it is worth the money.

Below is a swatch of the shade I am currently using.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OOTD: Casual Tuesday

Before you think my company started something crazy called 'Casual Tuesdays'...forget Fridays..ha..I had quite a few errands to run during my lunch break and after work. That should help explain the jeans and flats..I'm not a big fan of's rare that you'll see me breaking these out.

Soo if you're still asking yourself...flats..during the wintertime..? Well today it was going to hit 45 degrees..soo lots of errands/running around + 45 degree weather in the middle of JANUARY = me rocking the flats.

Studded black top: Forever 21 $18
Jeans: Macys (had 'em since forever) prob around $30
Flats: Chinese Laundry (from TJ Maxx) $20

Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 10 Pan: Round 2- COMPLETED!

It's official! Round 2 of Project 10 Pan is COMPLETED!

These are my last 2 items that completed Round 2:

9) CoverGirl Lash Blast (the original formula)
See post #4 above. Not a big fan of plastic wands. Will not repurchase.

10) Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer
LOVE IT! Not only is it super moisturizing, it also REALLY helped clear up my complexion. Have repurchased.

In my first post, I listed items that were 'almost done.' I'll include these in the running for my Project 10 Pan....Roundddd 3!

What can I say?...I'm hooked!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

OOTD: Werkin it!

A Friday OOTD..TGIF!

White tank top: Old Navy $5
'Pink Rose' striped v-neck tunic: $21 from Century 21
Black leggings: Zara $30 (best leggings I've ever owned!)
Brown Boots: Walmart (see my 1st post)
Pearl heart necklace: Aeropostale $10

Thursday, January 14, 2010

OOTD: Work

Another quick work OOTD. Bad lighting + crappy camera= blurry crappy pic :)

Sweater dress: Michael Kors $25 (awesome find @ a TJ Maxx)
Leggings: Had 'em since forever
Boots: Walmart

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Skincare Routine

In my previous posts from Project 10 Pan I mentioned how the current facial moisturizer & face wash I've been using is my new mecca for skincare.

A quick history on my skin...
I only started struggling with blemishes on my face in high school. When blemishes appeared it would only be ONE at a time...what's so bad about that you say? Welllll, not only was each and every blemish big and would take a week or sometimes longer to dimish..while it was almost done fading, a NEW one would start to form! It was frustrating to never have a blemish free face.

Fast forward...
Now if I get a blemish it'll be pretty small and isolated to only my chin area. My complexion has only been like this for 6 months now..thanks to my best combo of skincare products yet.

Don't get me took A LOT of trial and error with products.

For facial moisturizer, I ONLY used Clinique Facial Moisturizing Gel day and night for a little more than 8 YEARS! It wasn't a bad product, the only thing it didn't do was help clear my complexion.

When I started following makeup artist blogs a little over a year ago, I noticed a lot of them used Kiehl's facial products ($19 for a small bottle). Pricey, but only a few dollars more than what I've been spending on my Clinique moisturizer ($12 for a small bottle). I figured I'd give it a shot. Within the first 2 days of using this product I noticed a clearer complexion and much softer joke! I absolutely LOVE this product, its TOTALLY worth the money.

As for face wash..I've tried EVERY brand even dermatologist prescribed washes. I tried your everyday shelf brands...Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Olay, Clearasil, Oxy, Noxzema and L'Oreal.

High-end brands...FRESH's soy face wash, Clinique, Ulta, Sephora, DDM, Murad and prescribed face washes.

Nothing make a big difference..however, one day while watching one of my favorite YouTube guru's that's studying to become a MUA/facialist. She mentioned a Biore blackhead clearing facewash ($7). Even though it was supposed to only be for blackheads, she SWORE it helped clear her complexion in a matter of a week. I figured I had nothing to lose and it was MUCH cheaper than the expensive brands I was using at the time. BINGO, it worked!

Using my combo of Biore face wash and Kiehl's facial lotion really helped my complexion. I just wish I had learned of these sooner!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 10 Pan: Round 2!

Once I completed my first project 10 pan...i was HOOKED! I LOVE it. I had so many beauty items that had such a small amount of product left that I needed a reason to motivate myself to finish these items and move on.

(Take note that due to my computer problems, this post shows my Round 2 Project 10 Pan, 3 weeks in. I completed my last Project 10 Pan almost a month prior to this.)

*As of 1/10, the items I have used and some that I have almost finished. Not all items are pictured..sorry!

What I've used so far:

1) MUFE Mist & Fix
This is a small bottle, not the full size version. I liked it alot. Couldn't tell the difference between this and MAC's Fix Plus besides the fresh smell MAC's version gives off. This product does NOT have a smell to it. Will possibly repurchase in the future.

2) MAC Hue lipstick
LOVE this color! I don't know how more bloggers do not rave about this. This is the PERFECT light pink for me. My lips are pretty pigmented so it takes an opaque lipstick to help me achieve the perfect pink lip. Have repurchased.

3) L'oreal Carbon Mascara
See previous Project 10 Pan post on this item.

4) CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe
Eh, I didn't care too much for this. Wand is decent, but I'm not crazy about the formula. It would semi-lengthen my lashes, but prob bc of the plastic wand, it did not give me any fullness or volume. Will not repurchase.

5) OPI nail polish in Bubble Bath

Very cute pink. A very appropriate pink for a DIY french manicure. That is what I used it for 98% of the time. LOVE it. I would repurchase, but I love exploring/trying out different colors so we'll seeee.

6) Bare Escentuals 'Prime Time' foundation primer
I LOVE this primer. It's the 3rd time I've purchased this. I love it b/c not only does it make my skin super soft and smooth, it helps my foundation glide on perfectly. After I finished this primer the 2nd time, I wanted to try another primer just to compare. I tried Studio Gear face primer before but it didn't make my face as smooth and soft as Bare Escentuals. I tried Benefit's 'That Gal' brightening primer, did absolutely nothing for me & smelled bad. I've tried Smashbox's Photo Finish primer but it felt too greasy on my face. I've used MUFE's clear primer AND their #6 yellow complexion brightening primer...besides smelling amazing, it did nothing for my face as well, which was really disappointing.

7) MUFE #1 clear face primer
See my post above for primers

8) Clinique moisturizing face gel
In my last Project 10 Pan I finished a small bottle of this. This is my full sized bottle. See post on this item from 1st Project 10 Pan.

ALMOST finished:

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Cream
AMAZING clean and fresh smell. Have never smelled anything like it. I use on my skin before bed and in the morning you can still feel how moisturized my skin is, as well as that amazinggg smell!

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
Too bad at all. Very nice coverage with 2 layers and nice sheen to it. Will prob repurchase in the future.

Mary Kay Satin Lips Balm

Really nice texture, super smooth. It's a clear lip balm & there's no scent to it. I've had it forever and had received as a gift. Mary Kay probably doesn't sell this item anymore.

Mary Kay Satin Hands Lotion

Also received this as a gift with my Mary Kay Satin Lips balm. Very sheer and thin texture, isn't that moisturizing. Not fond of the smell. They probably do not still sell this item either.

OOTD: My Company Christmas Lunch

Necklace- Forever21
Black blazer- Express
Ribbed white tank- Old Navy
Black studded skirt- Charlotte Russe
Sheer black leggings- I've had for a long time so don't remember
Black knee high boots- Victoria Secret 08 catalog

I haven't gotten the chance to post this let alone anything since just before Christmas due to problems with my laptop. But this was my outfit for my Company's Christmas lunch. Nothing huge or formal due to cutbacks b/c of the economy, but figured I'd share it with you. These are all items that I've had for awhile. The only 'new' item is the Charlotte Russe skirt that I bought back in November.

Another Sunday with the Fam

Most of my Sundays are spent with my fam & of course my precious puppy. Today we started off with a big breakfast @ a local diner. Then we took a quick 45 minute drive up to this huge Park/Recreation Center called Round Valley. We went to the 'beach' area of the lake to let the pup run around. The water in that area of the lake was frozen and snow still covered the sandy ground. It was the craziest thing. How many times can you say you've walked on snow covered sand AND walked onto a frozen lake all at the same time?

Anyways, I don't have any pictures of us on the ice of the lake b/c none of us dared to walk out far enough onto the iced over lake. However, there were 2 guys ice fishing. Crazy looking stuff.