Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Product I LOVE: Sephora brand Top Coat

(the top coat is on the end to the right)

Most of the time, I am one of those ppl who believe brand name is best. I totally eat my words on this one when it comes to stumbling across the Sephora brand Top Coat polish.

I was at Sephora to take a look at the OPI nail polishes, when I realized, oh crap I need to buy another top coat polish!.

I had HAD it with a Sally Hansen top coat SUCKED big time. No matter what polish I used whether it was a high end, low end, a light color, a dark color, a sheer or opaque color, this top coat would seem to chip my nail color LITERALLY within a day or two!

I was going to buy the OPI top coat, but didn't feel like spending $9 just for a clear top coat. So I went over to the Sephora brand section and grabbed myself one of their top coats for $6. ITS AMAZINGGG! No joke, once you use this top coat, your polish WILL NOT chip for almost 2 WEEKS! I've used it with light color polishes and dark polishes.

I will repurchase this over and over!

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