Friday, February 26, 2010

Project 10 Pan: Round 2 - COMPLETED!

Another Project 10 Pan completed. See my 1st post on P10P: Round 2 here.

It's been on going for awhile now, so the items from the 1st post have already been thrown out. The picture below shows most of the remaining items. Also note, I had 4 mini items so instead of these making up my final 4 items, I only counted them as 2 items.

(First 1/2 of items from Round 2)

(Not pictured: CG lash blast, OPI Bubble bath, BE primer, MUFE primer, MK satin lip balm)
Continued from my 1st Round 2 post:

8) Mary Kay Satin Lip Balm
Really nice texture, super smooth. It's a clear lip balm & there's no scent to it which kinda weirded me out since pretty much all lip balms today have some sort of scent. I've had it forever and had received as a gift. Mary Kay probably doesn't sell this item anymore.

8 1/2) Mary Kay Satin Hands Lotion
Also received this as a gift with my Mary Kay Satin Lips balm. Very sheer and thin texture, isn't that moisturizing. Not fond of the smell. They probably do not still sell this item either.

9) Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer
LOVE IT. BEST facial lotion I have EVER USED! Have already repurchased. See my Product Rave post here.

10) MAC makeup remover wipes (100 pack)
Another pack bites the dust. I like the smell to these, but I don't notice a big difference between these wipes and the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes which are $8. I keep going back and forth.

When Round 3 starts these items are the next to go:

-Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Cream
AMAZING clean and fresh smell. Have never smelled anything like it. I use on my skin before bed and in the morning you can still feel how moisturized my skin is, as well as that amazinggg smell!

-Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
Too bad at all. Very nice coverage with 2 layers and nice sheen to it. Will prob repurchase in the future.

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