Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Product I LOVE: Skinny 'Biker' Jeans

I have had my eye on these bad boys for awhile. No matter what sites/stores I have searched, I can not seem to find a pair for anywhere under $80. I have never ever spent a lot of $ on a pair of jeans. Mostly b/c if I lose OR gain a little weight, the size and fit of the jeans are no longer the same.

So while I was reading up on some missed blogs, I came across one of my fav blogs Just a Bowl of Mouldy Fruit. One of her previous posts was on her dislike for jeans until she came across a similar pair of my much loved biker-esque demin.

I am in LOVE with these gorgeous jeans. If I could I would swim across that little pond called the Atlantic Ocean and buy myself a pair of these ASAP...I WOULD.

Here are more pics of these 'Biker Jeans' that I'm referring to.

Black Orchid in Hydrogen $89 on Singer22

7 For All Mankind $178

J Brand Racer X Motocross leggings $100

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