Friday, August 13, 2010

Dupe it: J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pant

UPDATE: I found a pretty good dupe of these @ Charlotte Russe. I ended up returning the pair from Target since they were not as fitted as the CR version. Click the pic below to be directed to their site.


Ever since I started spotting these J Brand cargos on pretty much every single celebrity, I have been on a quest...yes, a QUEST, to get my hands on a pair of these bad boys without the hefty $230 price tag.

First I started my search @ Macy's and found a similar version by 7 for all Mankind. But with a price tag of $169, it's still wayyy out of my price range...and believe me, I've been keeping an eye on these since June and the price still hasn't gone down.

Then while looking through one of my fav blogs Come Over to the Dark Side...We have Candy, she blogged about super similar cargos from Zara. So I rush to my local Zara's and by some miracle they still had the pants AND they were on sale for $15 from originally $80 AND To top that, they had my size! I go to try them on and I CANNOT get the cargos over my calves.  I've never had a problem with boots or pants not fitting over my calves. So consider these super skinny pants. Unfortunately, they do not make them bigger than a size 12 so I was out of luck...i was heartbroken i tell you.

(Photo courtesy of Candy since Zara's website no longer has a photo of these.)

$15 on sale from $80

And then, lo and behold, of all the places I didn't look, I came across these at Target. Unfortunately, the way they styled these with the middle schooler keds + ugly mustard top do not do these any justice. In the next few days I'll have an OOTD post with these and they won't look frumpy..promise!

So for now, these Target cargos will do. OOTD posts to come soon! xox

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