Thursday, March 15, 2012

UPDATE! DUPE Dilemma: Isabel Marant Sneakers

How freakin cool are these Isabel Marant sneakers/wedge/hightops!?

I feel like I'm back in 5th grade drooling over the coolest sneakers haha!

I love my sneakers but only for the gym..otherwise you can find me in my heels, wedges or boots! But these bad boys change up the whole game...they're awesome if only I could do something about that $950 price tag...

Has anyone been able to find good dupes!? PLEASE HELP!

Some celebs rocking their Isabel Marants!

Here are some dupes I've found...nothing I'm in love with though! :(

UPDATE 3/15/12:
*I know some ppl have strong opinions when it comes to buying knock-offs. I have no personal dilemma with this so please respect that. Thanks.

Several knock-offs are found on Ebay for around $55-60

Ash Bowie Wedge Sneaker $225


Bruggman $50

Nine West
Lana $88

Any thoughts/finds!? 


  1. Check out Steven by Steve Madden! I've seen them there, in three different colors

  2. I've checked but no luck! Do you have a link?

  3. River Island

  4. ahh those are awesome! my size is sold out tho! :( thanks so much!!

  5. Do you have any Deichmann shop where you live? They've got these kind of shoes in beige, pink and blur at the moment, for about 50€ :) Tried the beige ones todat, they look really good on.

    Here are some pics of the pink ones: I however found the beige or blue ones much nicer.

  6. Isabel Marant Shoes are truly amazing, I really love them! Stylish and also comfortable to wear. You may check out on to find more gorgeous shoes.

  7. Soho has them. Go to the shoe stores there. They are called modern vice

  8. Love these Isabel Marant Sneakers. If you want more please come

  9. merci pour le partage des belles photos avec Sneakers Isabel Marant

  10. I'm OBSESSED with isabel marant sneakers.