Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I LOVE this sweater..help me find a less expensive dupe!

Let me start by saying i love the Kardashians! :) There's lots of ppl out there that like to say some horrible things about them, but hey, it's not like their my role models in life. I just love their style, makeup, hair and most importantly their strong family values and closeness as a family. I come from a very large family as well and couldn't imagine it any other way.

Onto my post. I saw a picture of Kim wearing this sweater to a Lakers game last spring. What I love about it is the way the bottom hem of the sweater pulls up on the sides, it's shaped poncho/tunic-like. I also love the oversized neckline and sleeves.

I went crazy trying to find it myself, but to no luck. I even emailed her stylist Monica Rose just for the fun of it to see if she would even respond...well a few days after I had emailed her..she did! :) But since the picture was from over a year ago, she was not working with Kim at the time so no clue as to where the sweater could have been from.

I then moved on to enlisted the help of a few of my favorite fashion blogs. Sure enough, Viva Fashion Blog found exactly where it was from! It was from Singer22.com, it's a Ya Ya Gstaad Poncho Like Sweater in Sunset. Now here's the dilemma..it's on sale from $370 to $185. I feel like that's still too many penny's for me to spend on a sweater. So before I commit, I wanted to compare dupes out there. Still no luck on my end though.

So if anyone out there happens to come across a dupe pleaseee feel free to post! It would be much appreciated! xox

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