Saturday, November 21, 2009

You'd NEVER believe where I got these bad boys from...

Guesses anyone? Zara? Forever21?
No and no...these babies are from WALMART! I had to order them online though since I could never find them in stores. But get this, shipping was only $1.00 eachhhh! Anddd it only took 2 days for my shipment to come in.

Now I know what some of you might be's probably cheap b/c it's crappy material. That is always a BIG concern of mine when looking for budget friendly options when it comes to stores like Walmart, Forever21, Wet Seal, etc. USUALLYYY the cheaper the price, the cheaper the materials. That was NOT the case with these. However, I did have to order a size up because they do happen to run small. I ordered these in a size 9.

Now onto how much...

The black ankle boots...$18.00
The material is a velvet finish.
The heel is a chunky 4" which give the boots a sturdy feel.
You can't tell from the picture, but the front part of the shoe has a slight platform to it and make the heels easier to walk in.

Onto the 2nd pair....$20.00
Has a cute wedge that gives it a nice shape and comfortable to put em on and run out the door.
Gorgeous leathery brown color, the material is not cheap and flimsy whatsoever.
They hit just below the knee.

These were a GREAT find. My grand total came toooo...$39! Hope this helps and shows that you don't always need to buy high-end to get a quality pair of shoes! :) Until next time...

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