Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wishlist: Cynthia Vincent for Target

I've been in love with Cynthia Vincent's gorgeous wedges on Vanessa Hudgens almost a year ago.



But for an almost $400 price tag, it was wayyy out of my league. So when I saw Cynthia Vincent was coming out with a few shoes for Target excited isn't the word. :)

I'm a little disappointed with the color, I wanted more of a chestnut brown like the real deal wedges. On their website they only show the wedge in Cognac. However, according to Viva Fashion Blog, they are also available in black and yellow.

Anddd I'm always a little cautious with height when it comes to shoes, I'm very picky. I don't last very long in them b/c of a past surgery on my right foot not too long ago. And even though a higher heel in a wedge is usually bearable, I never know until I try it on.

These have been out for a few days now and they are not available for purchase online. So far every Target I've gone to has been sold outtt. Hopefully soon I'll get to take a look at 'em and see how I feel about the height of the heel, etc.

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