Friday, June 3, 2011

GOT IT: Dolce Vita for Target

I've seen Dolce Vita for Target's shoes here and there each season, but I've never really liked any of their shoe styles. They always came off as too funky and androgynous.

However, this past week on a quick random trip to Target to look for some summer & maxi dresses I took a quick peek in the shoe aisle and fell in loveee.
Cork Wedge $30

Rope Wedge $30
I've bought quite a few shoes/wedges from Target in the past and they rarely disappoint. So when I laid eyes on these I was sold. So how to choose?

Both are black, strappy and only $30...

When it comes to buying shoes, I have a rule of thumb for myself. Yes, don't buy more than 2 pairs at a time is something I painfully stick to, but that's not it. ;)

It's to avoid buying a shoe that cuts off in a straight line at the ankle. At 5'4 I don't consider myself short, but based on my body type, I don't have long legs or a long torso. So I tend to buy shoes that don't cut off around the ankle area. However, with wedges that can be a challenge so I make sure it has a slight curve/dip at the ankle in order to give my legs a much sleeker look. 

 Top: Xhiliration via Target $14
White tank underneath: Target $8
Jeggings: Lauren Conrad via Kohls
Chunky bracelet: Ann Taylor $9 final sale!

So guess which wedge I went with?? Yup, the Cork Wedge which I liked better anyway. I also picked up a new pair of patent nude heels for work.
Mossimo Pearce Pumps - Taupe $30

Althoughhhh I've been very tempted to exchange them for these almond toe heels that I saw online but not in the store....

Mossimo Black Versie Pumps - Natural Patent $30

Anyone else delightfully surprised at the recent Target shoes??

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