Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Product I LOVE: Butter me up!

I've heard alot of rants and raves about the Butter LONDON nail polish collection that finally made its way to the US. 

The name is catchy/genius for a nail polish, but @ $14 a bottle, I never even gave it a second thought!

That is...until I saw the range of colors @ ULTA. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! The colors all had such an iridescent & rich opaque quality to them.  


I started searching ebay, amazon & I'll have to check out my local Harmons to see if they carry these polishes for a cheaper price tag than $14!

Here are some of the colors I fell in love with...and I'm warning you now these pics do NO justice for the actual colors in person.

 Yummy Mummy

All Hail the Queen


Come to Bed Red

 Teddy Girl
The Black Knight

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