Monday, November 7, 2011

WISHLIST: Colored Denim

My biggest rule when it comes to spending on a new trend is to buy from places like Forever21, Target, H&M, etc. With their cheaper price tags I can try out the trend without spending big $$$ if it goes out of style.

Here are some options I have come across for this trend depending on your budget, from HIGH to LOW of course. :)


Wayyy too much $$$ in my book for a trendy item. Plus, these were super long on me & run really small. The perfect inseam for me is around 30" and these were prob around 33/34" so I would've had to spend more $ just to get them hemmed.

American Eagle

I like how you have the option of getting these in Short, Regular or Long. But for $45 I still feel like the price tag was way too high for this item.

Mossimo for Target

I've heard it runs small but that's prob b/c it's Junior sizes. I am looking to try a pair of these on sometime this week, but I can't decide between the blue or the red! The $23 price tag is exactly what I am looking for when it comes to a trendy item. Even if I only get a couple months of use from these I won't feel bad when the trend dies.

Did you go out and buy some colored denim? 
If so, let me know from where? 

 xox Leslie


  1. bought the red ones at Target today, along with the Rose Gold MK knock off watch for $14.99. I LOVE target!!