Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 10 Pan: Round 2!

Once I completed my first project 10 pan...i was HOOKED! I LOVE it. I had so many beauty items that had such a small amount of product left that I needed a reason to motivate myself to finish these items and move on.

(Take note that due to my computer problems, this post shows my Round 2 Project 10 Pan, 3 weeks in. I completed my last Project 10 Pan almost a month prior to this.)

*As of 1/10, the items I have used and some that I have almost finished. Not all items are pictured..sorry!

What I've used so far:

1) MUFE Mist & Fix
This is a small bottle, not the full size version. I liked it alot. Couldn't tell the difference between this and MAC's Fix Plus besides the fresh smell MAC's version gives off. This product does NOT have a smell to it. Will possibly repurchase in the future.

2) MAC Hue lipstick
LOVE this color! I don't know how more bloggers do not rave about this. This is the PERFECT light pink for me. My lips are pretty pigmented so it takes an opaque lipstick to help me achieve the perfect pink lip. Have repurchased.

3) L'oreal Carbon Mascara
See previous Project 10 Pan post on this item.

4) CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe
Eh, I didn't care too much for this. Wand is decent, but I'm not crazy about the formula. It would semi-lengthen my lashes, but prob bc of the plastic wand, it did not give me any fullness or volume. Will not repurchase.

5) OPI nail polish in Bubble Bath

Very cute pink. A very appropriate pink for a DIY french manicure. That is what I used it for 98% of the time. LOVE it. I would repurchase, but I love exploring/trying out different colors so we'll seeee.

6) Bare Escentuals 'Prime Time' foundation primer
I LOVE this primer. It's the 3rd time I've purchased this. I love it b/c not only does it make my skin super soft and smooth, it helps my foundation glide on perfectly. After I finished this primer the 2nd time, I wanted to try another primer just to compare. I tried Studio Gear face primer before but it didn't make my face as smooth and soft as Bare Escentuals. I tried Benefit's 'That Gal' brightening primer, did absolutely nothing for me & smelled bad. I've tried Smashbox's Photo Finish primer but it felt too greasy on my face. I've used MUFE's clear primer AND their #6 yellow complexion brightening primer...besides smelling amazing, it did nothing for my face as well, which was really disappointing.

7) MUFE #1 clear face primer
See my post above for primers

8) Clinique moisturizing face gel
In my last Project 10 Pan I finished a small bottle of this. This is my full sized bottle. See post on this item from 1st Project 10 Pan.

ALMOST finished:

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Cream
AMAZING clean and fresh smell. Have never smelled anything like it. I use on my skin before bed and in the morning you can still feel how moisturized my skin is, as well as that amazinggg smell!

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
Too bad at all. Very nice coverage with 2 layers and nice sheen to it. Will prob repurchase in the future.

Mary Kay Satin Lips Balm

Really nice texture, super smooth. It's a clear lip balm & there's no scent to it. I've had it forever and had received as a gift. Mary Kay probably doesn't sell this item anymore.

Mary Kay Satin Hands Lotion

Also received this as a gift with my Mary Kay Satin Lips balm. Very sheer and thin texture, isn't that moisturizing. Not fond of the smell. They probably do not still sell this item either.

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