Monday, January 11, 2010

My Skincare Routine

In my previous posts from Project 10 Pan I mentioned how the current facial moisturizer & face wash I've been using is my new mecca for skincare.

A quick history on my skin...
I only started struggling with blemishes on my face in high school. When blemishes appeared it would only be ONE at a time...what's so bad about that you say? Welllll, not only was each and every blemish big and would take a week or sometimes longer to dimish..while it was almost done fading, a NEW one would start to form! It was frustrating to never have a blemish free face.

Fast forward...
Now if I get a blemish it'll be pretty small and isolated to only my chin area. My complexion has only been like this for 6 months now..thanks to my best combo of skincare products yet.

Don't get me took A LOT of trial and error with products.

For facial moisturizer, I ONLY used Clinique Facial Moisturizing Gel day and night for a little more than 8 YEARS! It wasn't a bad product, the only thing it didn't do was help clear my complexion.

When I started following makeup artist blogs a little over a year ago, I noticed a lot of them used Kiehl's facial products ($19 for a small bottle). Pricey, but only a few dollars more than what I've been spending on my Clinique moisturizer ($12 for a small bottle). I figured I'd give it a shot. Within the first 2 days of using this product I noticed a clearer complexion and much softer joke! I absolutely LOVE this product, its TOTALLY worth the money.

As for face wash..I've tried EVERY brand even dermatologist prescribed washes. I tried your everyday shelf brands...Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Olay, Clearasil, Oxy, Noxzema and L'Oreal.

High-end brands...FRESH's soy face wash, Clinique, Ulta, Sephora, DDM, Murad and prescribed face washes.

Nothing make a big difference..however, one day while watching one of my favorite YouTube guru's that's studying to become a MUA/facialist. She mentioned a Biore blackhead clearing facewash ($7). Even though it was supposed to only be for blackheads, she SWORE it helped clear her complexion in a matter of a week. I figured I had nothing to lose and it was MUCH cheaper than the expensive brands I was using at the time. BINGO, it worked!

Using my combo of Biore face wash and Kiehl's facial lotion really helped my complexion. I just wish I had learned of these sooner!

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