Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Product Dupe: Chanel's Le Vernis nail polish in Particuliere

There's been a lot of buzz about Chanel's Le Vernis polishes, especially the shades in Particuliere & Paradoxical. These are a purple based color.

Definitely gorgeous fall colors, but for $23 each it's not exactly the price I would pay for a nail polish. (..a lipstick YES! but a nail polish NO!) 

The dupe I came across is for Particuliere which is a more muted purple w/ the slightest hint of brown & grey. If you see the color swatch online here it looks much darker than it is in real life. The image belows helps depict a much more realistic color.

So where did I come across a great dupe for this color? ULTA & it only cost me $7.50! But be aware I am referring to Ulta's Professional Nail Lacquer polishes and not their regular $3 polishes.
See the colors on their site here.


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