Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween: "The higher the hair, the closer to God"

That's the motto of every guido and guidette...along with finding some big gorilla juiceheads, downing some jagerbombs, and rocking your best animal print outfit all while drowning in oversize jewelry. What girl doesn't love that!?

Can you guess who I was for Halloween!?

Each item was put together from my own closet (minus the leopard print top..cmon I'm not that tacky) along with some of my Mom's chunky gold vintage jewelry that was catching dust from back in the 80's.

My original Snooki outfit:
Big glittery silver hoop earrings: from a small shop in Portugal
Chunky gold necklaces: vintage via my Mom's closet
Leopard print top: Macys $10 on clearance
Black liquid leggings: Target $12
Snake skin print heels: Anne Klein $40
Fake press on pink nails: Kmart $3
Fake huge eyelashes: Walmart $6
Bangles: H&M, NY & Co., & Forever21

Happy Halloween!

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