Monday, November 1, 2010

OOTW: H&M and Love21

Over the last month, I purchased some items from H&M and Love21 (same as Forever21 just slightly bigger sizing).

Tops from Forever21 don't fit me (due to my size D chest) so that's why I love Love21. Since the Forever21 by me doesn't carry Love21, I get these goodies off of the Forever21 website.

As for H&M, I've never had one close by me. However, there is one not too far from where I work. So to get my H&M fix I have to do so as quick as I can on a lunch break.

When I was shopping, I was aiming to purchase embellished and silky tops.


Lavender ruffle shoulder top: H&M $12
Silky ivory beaded top: Love21 $30

Pale pink bow sweater: H&M $30
Black moto jeans: Charlotte Russe
Taupe sandals: Payless Shoes
Pale lilac silky top: H&M $25
Dark grey lightweight blazer: Target $20
Thin cognac belt: H&M $12

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