Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GOT IT: Bumble & Bumble at Sephora!

...ON SALE! 

Yes! What are you waiting for!? It ends this Thursday, 4/21 and you can use the coupon as many times as you want until then. It's rare when Sephora sends out coupons so take advantage ppl!

Here are 2 items I picked up today by Bumble & bumble...yes my Sephora has finally stepped up their game..it's about time!

 Thickening Serum
$27 $23 with my coupon

I've been seeing bloggers post like crazy about this serum. 

What it is: A nightly, leave-in hair treatment for thickening and strengthening.

You can rub it through wet or dry hair BEFORE you go to bed. Over time, This serum fattens and fortifies each strand over time for thicker, stronger, and fuller hair.

I've been growing out my hair for a few years now & despite how long it has gotten I have to work with thin/fine hair. I'll test it out and let you know what I think. ;)

 Surf Spray
$23 $20 w/ coupon

This is exactly what it says it is. 
I had heard a lot of buzz about this from VS models. It was also a popular item in Cali of course! :)

I'll try these babies out for a week or so and get back to you w/ reviews!

UPDATE 4/28/11: I've been trying both of these out for the past week. I think I need to give the Thickening Hair Serum more time before I can rightfully judge.

However, as for the Surf Spray, I'm LOVING it! It gives my thin, fine hair more texture and helps keep the waves in place. Big THUMBS UP! Smells great, cute packaging, it's a win win for me. Worth every penny!

For beachy waves in the past, I've tried just plain water & salt from the kitchen to the actual ocean water to the Charles Worthington Texturizing Salt Spray ($18) and no luck.

I'll post pics soon! :)

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