Thursday, April 28, 2011

GOT IT: Guerlain Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow Foundation & Tarte EmphasEYES Aqua-Gel Eyeliner

Can you tell I took advance of the Sephora 15% coupon haha? Since you were able to re-use the coupon up until 4/21, I dropped by Sephora for the 2nd time that week in search of a summer foundation/tinted moisturizer since my Chanel Vitalumiere foundation was reaching it's final days.

Now. Here's my problem. I have oily skin. Once springtime hits WATCH OUT..I'll have the shiniest chin you've ever seen.

Which brings me to my dilemma. When it comes to days that I need to run some quick errands or on a hot day when foundation is just  too heavy, I reach for my Laura Mercier (the oil-free one might I add) tinted moisturizer which is definitely the best tinted moisturizer out there right next to Stila.  

Even though it's a great tinted moisturizer, it wasn't helping my shine problem. Since it's so moisturizing, it was making it worse.  

So what's a girl to do?

I decided I would try to find a super light weight/sheer foundation for the hot upcoming summer months which also helped control my 'shininess.' Which brought me to Guerlain. I've heard great things about their Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow Foundation through one of my fav bloggers The Chloe Conspiracy. She's mentioned that it provides good coverage while looking like it's your '2nd skin' plus adding a healthy glow...I was SOLD.

I checked it out in Sephora and to my surprise there were only TWO shades...yes TWO. 01 for Blondes and 02 for Brunettes. I squeezed out the shade for brunettes & my initial reaction was  
OH. MY. GOD. THIS IS TOO DARK (as you can see from the swatch below).

$49 came out to $41 with my coupon!

But then I noticed how velvety smooth the texture was. It looks like a mix between a cream and a liquid consistency. When you touch it, it turns into a powder held together by a light oil which helps control my oily skin. When you apply, the deep color sheers out and you end up with a light tint of bronzing color.  

AHHH MAZ ING! I'll post pics soon!

My next conquest ending up being an accidental one. I was looking at the Tarte tinted moisturizers originally and came across their eye gel pencils. 

I've been using a dark brown Prestige waterproof eyeliner for the past month or two, but it's way too drying. I like a smooth even application of color when it comes to my eye liners (think Stila Kajal eyeliners and MAC Smolder). I was surprised b/c I heard such great hype, but Prestige just wasn't doing it for me.

$18 came out to $15 w my coupon

I came across the Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Gel eyeliner in Brown and it went on sooo smooth you couldn't even feel it. I was a little wary of the waterproof aspect b/c the Prestige waterproof pencil was a you know what to wash off at night. To my surprise, it didn't budge during the day and at night wasn't a hassle to wash off. SOLD!

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