Monday, May 9, 2011

UPDATE! Dupe it: White Chanel watch

I've been searching high and low for a dupe of the infamous white Chanel watch. ToyWatch, Guess and Michael Kors also make a similar version, but they are still very pricey. I've always been a watch person..for the fashion of it & b/c I'm the type of person whose always liked to have the time right there for my convenience.

The most I have ever shoveled out for a watch is about $50 for my black Guess watch from back in the day or my $80 Fossil watch, but that was a gift for my bday from my parents. There is no way I'm willing to shovel out hundreds of dollars for either of those white lovely as they really are.

So my search has been on for a decent replica...and low and behold I finally found it @ none other than Target
. It's Merona for Target and was $15. The hardest part about trying to find a dupe was replicating the watch band. Here it is:

UPDATE 5/9/11: Some updates on more white watch dupes that I've come across via Macy's.




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