Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outfit Inspiration: Kim K. in a Dark Chambray shirt

I've never been big on the denim jacket or chambray shirt trend, now or even back in the 90's when it was in style.

...maybe it was the ugly almost white looking washes or the thickness of the jackets or just trying to figure out the combo of denim on denim.

However, I saw this pic of Kim's outfit awhile ago & for some reason the combo of black leggings/heels & the dark wash denim shirt w the rolled up sleeves look polished in a non-90's kinda way.

Ever since then I've been on my mission to find an affordable dark chambray 'tunic-like 'shirt. 

So far I've come across some options from TopShop, but they're too pricey for a trend that I'm not crazy about:


I like the tunic-y length, but I'd like a darker wash.

Denim Military Shirt


I'd like a darker wash & a more tunic-y length.


This is the closest option I've found.
The wash is perfect, but it's still too pricey.

 Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Here's my OOTD Outfit Inspiration.

Chambray shirt: The GAP
With an online discount that came out to $35
White tee: Elie Tahari via TJ Maxx $30
Leggings: Zara $40
Black wedges: Aerosoles


  1. There is a nice dark one at H&M for about $17! Couldn't find a link to it online though..

  2. thanks! I'll be sure to drop by my H&M. In the meantime, I ended up going with the GAP version, OOTD coming soon! Thanks for the tip! xox