Friday, September 10, 2010

OOTD: Embellished Shoulders

I like this trend to an extent. Who doesn't like sequins, pearls, beading and silver strands of chain!?..right?

Anyhow, I only like this to an extent b/c I feel that I'm rather 'top-heavy' looking thanks to my large chest and wide shoulders...lucky me. Thanks to my DNA, you will rarely catch me wearing any wide shoulder blazers ala Kim Kardashian or strong looking military tops ala Rihanna. To me, it's all about proportion.

So I feel the more extreme the embellishments...the more heavy I end up looking. Here's what I'm working with so far.

(if you look closely, you will see the entire shoulders are beaded with white pearls)
Top: TJ Maxx $30

Dark jeans: TJ Maxx $25
Black heels: TJ Maxx $30

Navy blue top: Zara $15 (on clearance)
Jeans: Charlotte Russe $30
Silver bow heels: TJ Maxx $30
Silver bracelet: Ralph Lauren

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