Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chunky Statement Neckalces finally FOUND!

So you might be asking yourself..why would it be that hard to find chunky statement necklaces? There all over the place now..online...in stores..etc. This is true..BUT..while J. Crew, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor..etc..all have gorgeous, to die for oversized necklaces, they are unfortunately not at a price point that I am willing to shovel out some cash for...sale or no sale..they're still super expensive, ranging between $60-$130 a pop.

So began my quest for affordable but still super gorgeous chunkified necklaces. I started with the typical sites for knock-offs and low price points...Forever21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe...but no luck.

Let me inform you my search has been going on for probably 2 weeks now...but low and behold...New York & Company! I have no clue how I passed by this one (I had JUST placed an online order last week!). Not only are their necklaces priced between $15-$25 each, but they were having a SALE on their jewelry..buy One just the 2nd 50% OFF! Perfect timing if I say so myself.

So with colorful options in mind, I choose the following:


$8.48 (originally $16 something)

Now on top of that..I searched for any online coupons..once again it was my lucky day..or should I say night..the 30% coupon was to expire that day at midnight. (It was almost 11pm)

Once you added the 30% off, plus shipping/tax, my total came to...$30!

You can't beat that...another mission accomplished. Up next...a floral top/tunic.

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