Monday, January 25, 2010

If the shoe fits....BUY IT!

...and why yes..that is exactly what I did. I also found a coupon for Aerosole @ Coupon Cabin for 20% off. It doesn't expire until February.

I've owned Aerosole's in the past. I can guarantee you Aerosoles are always the most comfortable fashionable shoes you will find..minus that grandma look...

My problem is I'm not a big 'flats' person whatsoever. I feel like they make me look frumpy and rhyming intended. :) So when I need to find shoes for the office that are comfy and still flattering..I turn to Aerosole.

I was specifically looking for wedges that wouldn't be higher than 3 inches and wanted a black pair and either a nude/tan/light pink.



Once I applied my 20% off, it came out to be $95 including the shipping. I guarantee it'll be worth it and they'll last me quite a while.

I can't waittt!

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