Saturday, January 30, 2010

OOTD: Something old, Something new...

We all have this problem here and there where we are shopping and see a clothing item and say to ourselves, omg..i need that jacket or o0ohh that top is soo pretty!

Well...let's just say that's my biggest problem when it came to shopping.

I like to buy pieces that I like, but never really have an idea of how I could go about wearing it/putting outfits together. SO I decided I really needed to consider whether or not that piece is essential to my wardrobe.

Don't get me wrong..I started having a litttleee big more self-control and don't buy something just b/c it's pretty anymore...
BUT sometimes I just MIGHT see the item on the rack - GRAB it in my size - HAUL it around the store - get on line for the register - and FINALLY bring myself back to reality and realize I NEED to put the item down
ha :)
Anywhooo, this brings me to the title of my post. I was kind of surprised when I realized how long I've had some of these items in this OOTD post. I think I wore this jacket ONCE in the last prob 5 yrs that I've had it.

It's amazing how many pieces you keep in your closet and don't wear for years and then all of a's back in your outfit wearing life!

Thin, sheer white tank: Aeropostale (had it for 4 yrs)
Grey crew neck t-shirt: Wet Seal $3.50 (bought it on Black Friday!)
Khaki jacket: Aeropostale (also have had this for yrs)
Black leggings: Zara $30
Black wedge boots: Rocket Dog (had them for 4 yrs)
Layered silver necklace: Forever 21 $13 (came with a tunic shirt)

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